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Joseph J. Maltese, CFP, ChFC, CLU, LUTCF

Message From the President
Joseph J. Maltese, CFP®, ChFC, CLU, LUTCF

May is Disability income awareness month. The diligent men and women in our profession look after their clients’ security by providing life and health insurance throughout the year. For clients in their income earning years, the chance of becoming disabled may be greater than the chance of premature death.

Once each year, May’s DIAM forces us to consider this: Someone 35 years of age has a 50% chance of experiencing a disability lasting 90 days or longer. With that statistic in mind, every client considering life and health insurance must consider disability income insurance.

All of us have met with clients that have done at least some work with life and health insurance planning while completely lacking any disability insurance. Is it something clients do not think will happen to them? Is it that agents and planners feel that there will be plenty of time to purchase disability insurance? Is it that many of the major carriers have sold off their disability products? Is it lack of training? Or is it just lack of client/agent awareness of this very real risk? Whatever the reason, the need for disability insurance has never been greater. Only 36% of employees have access to long term disability coverage at work. Without personally owned disability coverage or coverage at work, our clients are left to rely upon Social Security disability coverage.

Consider this: Of the 2,100,000 disabled persons applying for Social Security disability, only 819,000 will be approved. The average income of those 819,000 people will be only $1,063 per month… hardly enough to cover expenses, but certainly better off than the 1,281,000 who are declined for any benefits.

The largest employers in the land are, by far, small businesses. Small businesses are at further risk in that their survival is usually dependent upon a very small management team or the business owners themselves. In a dental practice, for example, if the business owner were to become disabled, there may be insufficient resources to pay office overhead. How would the dentist’s staff and hygiene personnel be paid? How would the dentist continue to pay his personal obligations like home mortgage and family expenses? Disability Income insurance and Disability Overhead insurance could help tremendously so that he/she had a practice to come back to when he/she recovered, and his/her family could remain in there own world during his/her disability.

In the case of closely held small businesses and partnerships, most in our profession would propose a buy/sell agreement funded with life insurance to assure the business survives the death of one of the partners or shareholders. Of course this is an appropriate course of action but falls miserably short should one of the shareholders/partners experience a disability as opposed to a premature death. Disability Buyout insurance will offer the opportunity to buyout the disabled shareholder/partner in this case.

Our profession provides for the financial security of our clients. We must be sure to include coverage for the very real risk of a disability. May is disability income awareness month. Be aware and help make your clients aware as well.




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Special Membership Message from
Van Land, NAIFA Membership Chair

Let’s Grow NAIFA!.


The best way to predict our future is to create it.  NAIFA is the oldest professional association in the financial services industry.  We were founded in 1890 and have stood at the forefront of advocacy on behalf of our members and clients ever since. We are the leaders in advocating a positive legislative and regulatory environment as well as promoting the ethical conduct of our members. When it comes to professional skills and enhancing our businesses NAIFA has long stood at the head of the line. MDRT, LUTC and LiLi all came from the fruitful minds of our members.

We stand at a crossroads on membership. The political climate that we are presently under presents a threat to the financial services arena and the profession in which we have prospered. We need to strengthen our voice through greater numbers.  NAIFA is the best voice we have to enlighten congress and those that make decisions that impact us.  The stronger our voice the more attention and respect we garner thereby increasing our credibility. 

NAIFA has given me more that I can ever give back. NAIFA has broadened my skills, built my confidence and provided me with the tools to be as successful as I desire to be while working for me on the legislative front.  As NAIFA National Membership Chair I am asking each NAIFA member in this the last 2 months of this year to reach out to at least one non member and one lapsed member and tell them the NAIFA story and what NAIFA has done for you personally.

We are at a crossroads, we are on the verge of turning around a decade of decline in membership and with your help and support this can be the year that we grow NAIFA. Take just 15 minutes of your time each week for the next two months to make a difference.

Helen Keller said, “One can never consent to creep when one feels and impulse to soar.” Let’s make this the year we soar with the eagles!! Let’s grow NAIFA!!!!

With more than 58,000 members, NAIFA is the largest financial services membership association in the United States. NAIFA is a federation of 700 state and local association all striving for the same common goal: to protect your livelihood and your clients' financial security. To join or renew securely online, please visit, or click HERE to download a PDF of the Membership Application.


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